Our portfolio of multi-network hardware includes a comprehensive range of development boards, expansion boards, sensor shields and OEM hardware. Spanning five different networks, these form the backbone of your IoT project.

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Development  boards

Our development boards are industry best products, perfect no matter your skill set. The super easy-to-use MicroPython programming language runs on all our boards, meaning you can get up and running as fast as possible.

OEM Products

Our OEM integration services provide best-in-industry solutions for your IoT project. The low power modules can run for much longer than their industry alternatives. From small scale to the largest project of its kind, we have it sorted.

Expansion Boards + Shields

Our expansion boards and shields enable further functionality for your development boards. Choose from a microSD card reader, USB to serial connection, LiPo battery connector and a range of sensors amongst many other features! The sensors available are ambient light, humidity and temperature, barometric pressure and altimeter, accelerometer and GPS. With our expansion boards and shields, you can get your IoT project started immediately making sensing, tracking and monitoring extremely simple.

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Pycom Documentation

The Pycom documentation covers everything you need to get started with any of our boards, plus lots of tutorials, examples + FAQs to begin building your projects.
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New! Pymesh on Pybytes – Video Tutorial

New! Pymesh on Pybytes – Video Tutorial

Decentralise your LoRa network with Pymesh and manage it from the Cloud. Aline, one of our Pybytes Team members talks through how to set up your LoRa Pymesh on your Pybytes account and monitor your devices in the mesh afterwards. As you will see it’s now easier than...

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Who run the world? Diverse workplaces!

Who run the world? Diverse workplaces!

Technology has come on in leaps and bounds over the past few decades. In the 2000s, GPS was put into the hands of the general public, Facebook launched four years later, and the iPhone first hit...

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New! Pymakr in the Cloud

Program straight from the Cloud without downloading an IDE   We've added Pymakr to Pybytes. It's now easier than ever to get up and running with your IoT project. Grab your Pycom dev kit, log into Pybytes and follow our software developer Pedro through this...

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We’re in this Together

We’re in this Together

This global pandemic is affecting us all but we can all help make things better I am still thinking of those days in November 2019 when there was mention of an outbreak of Coronavirus in Wuhan. Subsequently late January 2020 came and I was wondering how life would be...

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